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Coding Programs for Kids

Start Your Kids Coding Adventure

Coding is a valuable skill that teaches kids problem solving, math and science

Coding help kids develop logical thinking and imagination skills
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Coding is a useful tool for kids to learn how to collaborate

Coding is a useful tool for kids to learn how to collaborate.
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Coding will teach your kids to think "outside the box" as a valuable life skill

Kids learn coding by collaboration.
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Coding is a creative process that develops logical thinking and imagination

Coding help kids develop logical thinking and imagination skills
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Most schools don't teach coding. Offering this class will give your child an advantage over other kids.

Kids learn coding together.
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Coding helps in building resilience in kids at a young age.

Kids can use coding in robotics.
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Why Choose Script Kiddo

At Script Kiddo, we provide a safe and engaging environment for kids to learn coding. Our experienced instructors are dedicated to teaching your child the fundamentals of coding through hands-on projects and games. Sign up now to start your child's coding adventure!

At Script Kiddo, we offer a variety of coding programs for kids of all ages and skill levels. Whether your child is a beginner or an advanced coder, we have the perfect program for them. Our programs include Scratch, Python, and Java languages. 

At Script Kiddo, kids will learn from basic coding concepts to advanced game and website designing levels using Scratch, Python, Java, JavaScript, HTML, and CSS. 

At Script Kiddo, we offer online coding classes for kids and teens ages 8-18. You will learn the most fun and effective live coding lessons with our expert instructors. Many of our instructors are coding hackathon gurus. Our coding classes are designed to give kids the programming knowledge and skills that are needed for future workforces in a digital world. 


Pick Your Program

Scratch block-based coding.


Scratch is a block-based programming language that teaches kids the basics of coding. With Scratch, kids can design their own games, animations, and interactive stories.

Python game designing.


Python is a popular programming language used by professionals in various industries. Our Python program teaches kids how to create their own programs and games.

Java console application.


Java is a powerful programming language used to develop applications for desktop and mobile devices. Our Java program teaches kids how to create their own applications. 

Web development with html, css and javascript.

JavaScript, HTML, CSS

JavaScript, HTML, and CSS are widely used in web application front-end development. Our instructors teach kids how to create their own website using JavaScript, HTML, CSS with BootStrap applications. 

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